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What's on tap?

Concordia Ale House New Year’s Eve Party

Posted by on Dec 31, 2010 in Beer, Blog | 1 comment

Our friends at Concordia Ale House just informed us that they have a few fun events happening over the next week.  First tonight ring or rather drink in the new year at Concordia Ale House.  There is no cover and the Lesser Prophets will be playing.  The festivities start at 9pm.

Also you will definitely want to mark your calendar for Fort George Brewing Night next Friday January 7th 2011.

Beers on tap include:

1811 Lager

Spank Stout

Quick Wit

Vortex IPA

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Taplister Links Up with

Posted by on Dec 16, 2010 in Beer, Blog, Editorial, Headline, Videos | 26 comments

Taplister app with RateBeer rating featureWe’ve been busy here at Taplister Labs.  There has been a great deal of work going on behind the scenes to improve the database, web site, and mobile apps.  One of big goals of the last year has been to provide more information about the beers in a given tap list.  All the tools we build here are driven by our passion for great beer.  And one thing I wanted was a way to make it easier to pick a great beer from a large tap list.  In the Pacific Northwest, we are blessed with some great beer halls that have mammoth tap lists of 50 or more beers.  It’s really tough to decide what to order sometimes, especially when most of the beers on tap are ones you haven’t already tried.  I wanted a way to quickly narrow that down to a handful of beers I would probably like a lot.  This is where comes in.  They have lots of information about a lot of beers (over 105,000 beers!).  So our goal has been to easily get the style, Alcohol by volume (ABV), rating, and description for a beer, or a list of beers in a tap list.

As our site and database have grown, so has the problem of multiple entries for the same beer.  We’ve had a persistent problem of the same beer being spelled out in different ways such that when a user types in a beer to search for, they may not see all the bars that are serving it.  What we needed was a definitive list of beer names, and so when the user starts typing in the name on the web site or mobile app, the text completion pops up and shows them only beers that link to the RateBeer data.

We approached Joe Tucker at, and he granted us access to their API (Application Programming Interface) so we could pull data from their massive database from our web site and mobile apps.  We did a lot of work on our server, on the web site, and particularly on the Taplister iPhone app.  We worked with local developer Don Park to add all the beers from to the Taplister database and be able to link to their rating and other information on  We changed the text completion on the web site and the Taplister iPhone app to just use the RateBeer names so when you add a beer, it will have access to its data on

The Taplister app for iPhone v1.1, which is being reviewed by Apple as I write this, now works with to load more information that is displayed in the tap list.  The app is free and will load the beer style and ABV for all the beers that are in the RateBeer database.  The new version also allows you to upgrade to paid features.  The first paid feature is the ability to view the beer ratings and descriptions that are loaded from  The ratings show up in the tap list.  The rating and commercial description show up in the beer’s detail view when you select that beer in the tap list.  This really helps picking that next great beer after you’ve narrowed down your choices to the style and ABV you’re looking for.  We worked REALLY hard for this feature, and we’re really excited about it.

We have also added RateBeer links to the web site.  When you go to a bar’s page, the tap list will have an “RB” link after the beer name if that’s one of the beer’s in RateBeer’s database.  Click on that link to go to’s page for that beer, which has detailed rating information, brewery link, style, ABV, and user reviews.  We also added a link to the appropriate beer page on on our beer pages, if that beer is listed on RateBeer.  We are planning on improving the look of the web site and hope to add ABV and style info from RateBeer, but it requires changes on their server so we’ll have to wait till then.

We want to stress the importance of using the text completion to select beers from the RateBeer list.  Not only does the text completion save a LOT of typing, but it will link beers to ratings and descriptions, and make the beer search work better.  This is available to bar owners (logged in with their bar’s Twitter ID), and Taplister Ambassadors when they click on “edit tap list” on a bar’s page.  And text completion is also on the Taplister iPhone app when you tap “Edit Tap List” on the tap list view and login using your Twitter ID.  Note: you need to have logged into with this Twitter ID before using it to login to the app.  If the beer you are adding is not listed on RateBeer, you can still type it out and add it on Taplister, it just won’t have a rating.  If a brewery is adding new beers, they should add them to first. updates beers from once an hour, and can then show them when the text completion pops up.  We are looking at opening up tap list editing to all logged in users on the web site in the future.

The methods for editing taps listed above are the best way for bars to update their own taps and get those awesome RateBeer links.  Make sure your local bars know about Taplister, and these new tools.

Taplister works best when craft beer fans tell their friends about it and get more bars using it.  We are now in over 30 cities around the US, and adding more all the time.  Please help us get the word out, and take a moment to make sure the tap lists are up to date when you’re out having a beer.  The beer community will thank you.

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Laurelwood Firkin Tapping of Vinter Varmer

Posted by on Dec 15, 2010 in Beer, Blog, Editorial, Headline, Videos | 0 comments

Come join the Taplister crew at Laurelwood NW Public House for their “Meet The Firkin Brewers Night” .  They will be tapping a firkin of their winter release Vinter Varmer as well as having a cheese and beer pairing and special snacks.  Of course Brewmaster Chad Kennedy will be on hand to talk everything beer.  Starts at 5pm tonight, Wednesday December 15th 2010.

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Taplister & Migration Brewing Present The Holiday Pre-Funk Party

Posted by on Dec 6, 2010 in Blog, Headline, Videos | 0 comments

Image From Bruisin' Ales

Come celebrate the holidays and good beers with the Taplister and Migration crews.  Migration Brewing will be getting some of the best local holiday beers on tap to celebrate this festive season.  The event will be at Migration Brewing (2828 NE Glisan Street, Portland, OR) on Saturday December 18th from 7pm-Midnight and is free.  Don’t forget to bring a 22 oz or 2 twelve ounce bottles or cans of your favorite Holiday Beer.  Be sure to wrap them up and later in the evening we will make a trade.

We will also be collecting canned food for the Oregon Food Bank.  With every canned food donation you will get a raffle ticket to win swag from Taplister, Migration Brewing, and other area breweries.

Don’t forget to RSVP Here

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Authentic German Beer Experience Awaits at Gustav’s

Posted by on Dec 4, 2010 in Beer, Blog, Editorial, Headline, Videos | 0 comments

Enjoy a properly served Aktien Zwick’l Kellerbier at Gustav’s.

Yesterday I had a chance to try an unusual German beer, that is hard to come by in this part of the US. The beer was Aktien Zwick’l KellerBier from Bayreuther BierBrauerei in the Franconia region of Germany. Gustav’s is currently the only place that has this beer on tap on the entire West Coast. Not only can you get it with wonderful German food, but they also are serving it in authentic ceramic half liter steins direct from the brewery.

The beer arrived in a tall ceramic stein with the word “Zwick’l” boldly embossed on the side. All I could see of the beer was a creamy looking head. Since the stein was opaque, I wasn’t able to observe the beer’s clear orangish brown appearance in the light. My first taste required a healthy tilt of the tall narrow stein to get past the creamy head. Upfront it had some bitterness, but was tempered with a subtle yeasty tartness and a general smoothness that I enjoyed. Some of the tartness held on for the finish with some spiciness, which complimented other flavors of the finish you would expect from a good German Lager. This beer has been described as a “perfect marriage of Hefeweizen and a light brown ale.” I thought it was quite well balanced and refreshing, and a nice change from more common traditional German Lagers. I would encourage all German beer fans to seek out this beer while you can at the Gustav’s in Portland (on NE Sandy), Clackamas, Tigard, and Vancouver.

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